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    26 Of The Most Mindbendingly Insane Outfits Worn In The History Of Ascot's Ladies Day

    These people must be in so much pain now. I wonder what was going through their minds whilst they wore this.

    1. "Hello".

    Chris Jackson / Getty Images

    2. "Welcome to Ascot."

    Tim Whitby / Getty Images

    3. "Where all your dreams come true."

    Handout / Getty Images

    4. "We don't compete for really big hairdos here."

    Chris Jackson / Getty

    5. "Absolutely not."

    John Stillwell/PA Archive/Press Association

    6. "Remember... the more subtle the hat, the better."

    Peter Macdiarmid / Staff

    7. "Wearing loud clothes is not encouraged."

    8. "See? This is not over the top in the slightest."

    Getty Images / Staff

    9. "Just so you know, breakfast is served till 10am."

    Ben Pruchnie / Getty Images / Stringer

    10. "So make sure that you bring along brunch."

    PA/PA Archive/Press Association Images

    11. "Please remember to leave your phone at home."

    REX USA/Daily Mail / Rex

    12. "Ensure your hat reflects the news agenda."

    Tim Ireland/PA Archive/Press Association

    13. "Trophies for the World Cup, for example."

    Sean Dempsey/PA Archive/Press Association

    No before you question it that isn't a penis.

    14. "Don't wear hats so big you can barely see."

    Julian Herbert / Getty Images

    15. "Otherwise you might end up looking a bit weird."

    Scott Barbour / Getty Images

    16. "Plus you might not know where you are right now."

    Scott Barbour / Getty Images

    17. "Also, don't wear black. Black is not great."

    Julian Herbert / Getty Staff

    18. "If you don't have a hat, improvise."

    Stuart Wilson / Getty Images / Stringer

    19. "Consider using connected upside down umbrellas."

    Peter Macdiarmid / Staff

    20. "Or a catalogue advertising boutique cream toilets."

    Chris Jackson / Getty Images

    21. "Or a Blue Peter replica of the venue itself."

    REX USA/Jamie Wiseman / Associated Newspapers / Rex

    22. "Or whatever you can grab from your hedge."

    Paul Gilham / Getty Images

    23. "Or... fuck it... your favourite plant pot."

    REX USA/Alex Lentati / Evening Standard / Rex

    24. "Or the bottom bit from a can of chopped vegetables."

    Paul Gilham / Staff

    25. "Or a fresh pint of modern milk."

    David Parry/PA Archive/Press Association Images


    Peter Macdiarmid / Getty Images

    May you always look a bit weird.

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