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    25 Times "The West Wing" Was The Best Show On Goddamn Television

    "You don't know how to use the intercom." "It's not that I don't know how to use it. It's just that I haven't learned yet."

    1. When President Bartlet owned a radio show host.

    2. And the infamous "Let Bartlet Be Bartlet" moment.

    3. When Admiral Fitzwallace owned officers who didn't believe gays and lesbians serve in the military.

    4. And when C.J. totally owned Josh.

    5. When the "Peter's Projection Map" was shown.

    6. When Mrs Landingham opened up to Charlie about why she doesn't get into the Christmas spirit.

    7. And when Toby decided to give a military funeral for the war veteran at Arlington, Mrs Landingham and the veteran's brother went with him.

    8. When Bartlet sent Charlie to purchase him a carving knife before he presented one of his own.

    9. When Leo talked candidly about his addictions.

    10. When Josh's father died on the night of the Illinois primary so Bartlet went to the airport to talk to him.

    11. When Donna rang her school teacher.

    12. When C.J. spoke eloquently about gun control.

    13. When Mrs Landingham said she was buying a car.

    Only for her to killed in a car accident, which resulted in Leo having to tell Bartlet what had happened.

    14. When Bartlet cursed in Latin following her funeral.

    15. But we all got to see her one last time.

    16. And she gave him a useful bit of advice.

    17. And then later at the press conference when Bartlet was going to be seeking a second term as President.

    18. When C.J. confronted Nancy about the Government's policy of selling arms to the fictional state of Qumar.

    19. When Donna was pretty frank with Josh after he had a dig at Donna's ex-boyfriend.

    20. When C.J. and the secret agent bodyguard Simon were getting much closer to each other.

    Only for him to be killed during a store robbery.

    21. When Donna was almost killed in Gaza and Josh rushed to be at her side in the hospital.

    The West Wing / John Wells Productions / NBC

    22. When Leo McGarry passed away.

    The West Wing / John Wells Productions / NBC

    23. When we saw "Bartlet for America" for the first time.

    24. When we saw it for the very last time.

    25. And finally, when Josh was experiencing PTSD and Leo talked about a man who fell down a well.