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    People Are Accusing This British Reality Show Of Editing Out A Black Woman Contestant

    Love Island has been accused of failing to give airtime to one of its most popular contestants.

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    The British reality show Love Island is one of the most popular shows right now, but this year has been beset by quite a few notable controversies.

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    In case you haven't been following: Love Island features many young people who want to find love in a Big Brother-style house in Spain, where they get coupled up with someone else (even if they don't fancy them). They have to remain as a couple or face being axed, and there are frequent "recouplings", where people swap partners or leave the show.

    A month ago, the show was accused of normalising gaslighting and emotionally manipulative behaviour and two weeks ago it was accused of making a housemate think that her partner was cheating when he wasn't.

    This time the controversy surrounds Samira, a performer on the West End, who has been on the show since the very first episode.

    Love Island / ITV

    In case you didn't know already, contestants come and go from the show all the time.

    Some people on social media have complained that Samira was not shown enough in the programme, despite the fact that she had been very popular with viewers.

    Samira is stunning, friendly, funny and has substance unlike some of her mediocre counterparts on the show. Yet she barely gets any screen time and remains undesired by all the guys. She’s the only black girl. Coincidence? I think not. So tired of watching this bs #loveisland

    When did Samira last have screen time that wasn't her standing on the sidelines of other people's storylines? #LoveIsland

    Then last night Samira decided to leave the island, saying that she missed Frankie – the guy she had been coupled up with, who had been booted off the show several days earlier.

    Love Island / ITV

    However, following his exit, Frankie told the Sun that he wanted Samira to be his girlfriend, but that the show had cut many of their scenes together.

    ITV / Love Island

    He went on to reveal that he and Samira had spent time in the "hideaway" – a separate bedroom where couples can go for alone time – but this wasn't shown either:

    It’s weird for me because obviously it’s a big thing for everyone in the villa. Everyone was cheering us into the hideaway, everyone was happy for us. It was a big thing for me and Samira. But yeah it didn’t get shown for one reason or another.

    Many people have called into question the reason for Samira and Frankie's relationship being cut from the show.

    Look at how they edited out Samira and Frankie's ENTIRE relationship and people will still say producers had nothing against her! Her treatment on this show was absolutely disgusting and I'm glad she's left because she honestly deserves better #loveisland

    #LoveIsland Samira and Frankie on the hotlist is completelyyy different to them on the regular show, I don’t know what possesed the producers to edit all their good bits out, makes 0 sense.

    And many people have suggested that race played a part.

    Samira and Frankie's night in the hideaway was not aired yet everyone else's was aired? That's Qwhite interesting #loveisland

    In fact, viewers have criticised the treatment of Samira since the start of the show, highlighting her lack of airtime compared with the white contestants.

    I have to say that, again, @LoveIsland seems to have a problem with ethnic diversity and black women. Why spend every ep rehashing kissgate but spend NO airtime on Samira’s relationship so Frankie then gets voted out as public not seen him?! 🤦‍♀️🤬

    And other people criticised the fact that because Samira and Frankie's relationship received so little airtime, the comments she made about wanting to leave to be with Frankie made her appear a little obsessive.

    ITV / Love Island

    ITV2 are bastards... without the context, Samira looks nuts to be this mad about Frankie. #LoveIsland

    So you’re actually telling me that instead of watching Samira and Frankie’s relationship, we were made watch Georgia tell everyone she’s loyal 500000000 times? Fuming #loveisland

    So the producers edited out - Samira and dani friendship - Samira and frankie's night in the hideaway Just to make the public perceive her in a certain way? Come on Love Island sort it out?? #LoveIsland

    Furthermore, ITV2 caused controversy by branding Samira "sassy" in a roundup of her best clips.

    Stay sassy Samira. You'll be missed ❤️❤️❤️ #LoveIsland @LoveIsland

    ...when viewers said that she wasn't sassy at all.

    Samira is goofy, cute and funny and that’s OK but they’ll never push that narrative because she’s a BW therefore she is sassy ☠️

    Samira has been anything but sassy throughout this whole season. But go off with you micro aggressions

    And the treatment of Samira has also led to viewers of the show criticising its lack of diversity generally.

    Love Island producers really need to change how it is next series. One black girl? Every contestant seeming to know each other? Mate, step your diversity up, appearance and geographically wise because it’s becoming ridiculous

    Lmao the love island producers sent in two men of colour in order to fix their diversity problem, but that was never the real issue. The issue was you edited OUT Samira, and showed the white girls instead, who btw are really bloody boring #loveisland

    In a statement sent to BuzzFeed News, an ITV2 spokesperson rejected any accusations of racial discrimination and said:

    As we have said before, it is not possible to show everything that happens in the villa due to time constraints. There are a number of couples whose time in the Hideaway has not been shown.

    It is always our intention to produce a show that is a fair and accurate representation of life in the villa.

    When casting for Love Island, we always strive to reflect the age, experiences and diversity of our audience and this year is no exception with a cross section of different personalities and backgrounds in the villa.

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