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    Here Are All The Controversies Surrounding One Of Britain's Most Popular Reality Shows

    From allegations of faked or re-shot scenes, to gaslighting and editing out a popular contestant's storylines, Love Island has been beset by controversies this year.

    Love Island, a dating show where single people "couple up" with one another in a Spanish villa, has been one of Britain's most popular shows of the year. However, this season has certainly been the most controversial.

    Love Island / ITV

    From fakery claims to continuity errors and accusations of contestants being emotionally manipulated, barely a day has gone by without some ~drama~ surrounding the show. Here are some of the most significant moments.

    1. There have been many accusations that scenes have been staged to cause drama. Take, for example, the lie detector test during which one contestant, Jack, was asked whether he had chosen to "couple up" with Dani because he knew that her dad was famous. He answered: "No," but was told he'd failed the test.

    Love Island / ITV2

    However, in the first episode of the season, it was clear that Jack had chosen to couple up with Dani before he found out about her famous dad. And, when the subject came up later on in the day, he appeared shocked.

    Love Island / ITV2

    A Love Island spokesperson told BuzzFeed that perhaps Jack failed the test because he has chosen to couple up with Dani on each occasion since.

    2. There's also been an abundance of continuity errors, leading to viewers to suggest that emotional conversations have been shot more than once. For example, there was this scene where Laura and Paul mysteriously moved up two steps mid-conversation.

    Love Island / ITV2

    After the viewers noticed the error, an ITV spokesperson told the MailOnline: "We can't show everything that happens due to time constraints, so of course the show is edited. What is seen is an accurate and fair representation of what has happened in the villa."

    3. Then there was the time where Georgia had nail extensions in one scene, but in the next scene (broadcast the following night but ostensibly filmed on the same day,) viewers suggested they'd disappeared.

    Love Island / ITV2

    A spokesperson for Love Island denied that the nails had been removed and told The Daily Mirror: "This was all filmed on the same day and this is simply a different camera angle, with the light stronger in one than the other."

    4. In another episode where Jack was dumping Laura, her wine glass moved to a different location within seconds, with viewers again suggesting the intense scene had been filmed more than once.

    Love Island / ITV2

    A spokesperson told Mail Online: “As we have said before, it is not possible to show everything that happens in the villa due to time constraints. It is always our intention to produce a show that is a fair and accurate representation of life in the villa.”

    5. Viewers also noticed that a McDonald's cup was clearly in shot during this scene despite the contestants not being allowed access to the outside world.

    Love Island / ITV2

    An ITV spokesperson told BuzzFeed: "The islanders have food either prepared in the villa or brought in."

    6. Then there was this kiss between Jack and Georgia which caused chaos in the villa and became one of the most controversial moments of the entire season.

    Love Island / ITV2

    Here's the context: Georgia decided to go on a date with her friend Laura’s partner Jack. She pledged her loyalty to Laura, but at the end of the date pulled Jack in for a kiss on the lips but did not tell Laura when she returned to the villa. When the kiss was brought up by another couple on a date at the same time, Georgia claimed that Jack went in for a kiss just as much as she did. At first, viewers only saw the above angle. After the scenes aired, work was done by viewers to slow the footage down in order to see what actually happened, and people were divided over who actually initiated the kiss.

    In a bid to clear things up, the Love Island spin-off show showed the clip from a second angle. However, The Tab then noticed that the footage didn't quite add up, and suggested that the controversial moment was planned and shot more than once.

    Georgia and Jack's kiss was fake? WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR US? #LoveIsland

    Here are the stills.


    After she was dumped from the Island, Georgia appeared to confirm that the kiss was filmed more than once.


    She told MailOnline: "Was it more than twice? Yeah."

    However, she did go on to defend the show, saying: "It is a TV programme, things have to get filmed in different angles to get put on television, that’s how television works. But, nothing is fake, nothing is said that is staged, it’s all to do with how you feel."

    When contacted by BuzzFeed for comment, a spokesperson said: "It is absolutely untrue to suggest that Love Island is fake. The opinions they have and the relationships formed are completely within the control of the Islanders themselves.”

    7. Viewers were also convinced that something was cut from a scene in which Jack, Georgia and Dani had an argument. As she walked away, Georgia appeared to do or say something to warrant this out-of-character reaction from Jack, but viewers could work out what it was.

    Love Island / ITV2

    And they went on to suggest something had been deliberately cut.

    #LoveIsland what did Georgia do that Jack called her a little shit? Why did they edit it out??? She definitely did something Dani was standing up and Jack looked shocked! Producers trying so hard right now to save her image bullshit

    Jack said “you little shit” about Georgia when the edit didn’t show Georgia saying anything directly before that - it also seemed like an unclean/ not very smooth edit there too - just further shows how much the producers are hiding from us about Georgia #LoveIsland

    8. Viewers have also had suspicions throughout the season that several of the contestants knew each other prior to entering the villa, but it's never been mentioned on screen.

    So has everyone forgot that Megan and Alexandra knew each other before love island but haven’t made it clear on the show that they do 🤔 #loveisland

    Megan & Alexandra knew each other pretty well before the villa 🙄 #loveisland #musicvid

    There was also a photo circulating which purportedly showed new Jack hanging out with new Laura in the outside world, but an ITV spokesperson has denied that it was Laura in the image.

    9. On top of this, there's been more serious accusations, such as the show exploiting and emotionally manipulating the contestants. For example, when Jack and Dani were separated during a task, she was shown a video in which Jack reacted to seeing his ex entering the villa. Since the clip was isolated and out of context, she was convinced he'd been unfaithful to her and was distraught.

    Love Island / ITV2

    In actual fact, Jack had confessed that he'd fallen in love with Dani and no longer had any feelings for his ex.


    Many people accused of the producers of unnecessarily manipulating Dani's judgement. At the time, ITV2 did not respond to requests for comment. In the end, more than 2000 people complained to Ofcom about her treatment on the show, but the regulator decided not to investigate.

    10. There have also been concerns that Love Island was normalising gaslighting and manipulative relationships.

    ITV2 / Love Island

    After several episodes in which Adam appeared to laugh at Rosie when she opened up about how she felt used by him and branded her "irrational," the domestic abuse society Women's Aid released a statement about how to spot signs of gaslighting and emotional abuse.

    When contacted for comment, a spokesperson for Love Island sent BuzzFeed a statement on behalf of Rosie: "I wouldn't want to label him abusive myself. He's only 22, he's still growing up, he just needs to be more mature when it comes to women. He's still trying to find himself and he doesn't know how to handle things in the right way. Hopefully he does it sooner rather than later as I don't want another girl to go through what I went through. He has a bit more learning to do."

    11. Many people also suggested that race played a part in the show appearing to either edit Samira out or give her less airtime than other contestants.


    The criticism became especially strong when it was revealed that several important scenes between Samira and her partner were never aired despite them being crucial to their story.

    Samira and Frankie's night in the hideaway was not aired yet everyone else's was aired? That's Qwhite interesting #loveisland

    12. And, finally, viewers also called out ITV for sharing this montage in which Samira was described as "sassy" – a word she has also used in reference to herself – despite the negative racial connotations.

    Samira has been anything but sassy throughout this whole season. But go off with you micro aggressions

    When contacted for comment, a spokesperson for Love Island vehemently rejected any accusations of racial discrimination.

    Let's hope next year's season is less eventful!