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What Happened To This Guy On "First Dates" Will Give Hope To Socially Anxious People Everywhere

Louis, who got totally rejected on last week's show, is back.

Meet 25-year-old linguist Louis.

He was paired with Adela, who seemed nice and a good match. They immediately seemed to hit it off too.

But then he admitted issues with anxiety.

He completely froze up when asking Adela basic questions. You couldn't help feeling sorry for him. / Via Twenty Twenty / Channel 4

Discussing his anxiety in situations where he feels the need to make a good impression, he said: "It becomes crippling and you're unable to even initiate a conversation with somebody, because you fear that 'I'm not good enough for them'."

It didn't get any better when they sat down for their meal. Louis was anxious about what to say, and brought up some slightly awkward topics like this.

But they still seemed to have had a bit of a connection, so you thought that something could be on the cards.

And alas, it was time for the sit-down reveal.

Oh god. Here came the pain.

And he was pretty devastated.

Oh, Louis.

But there was a strong reaction from people on Twitter, many of them supporting Louis.

Anyone watching #FirstDates ?! Awkward bumbly Louis is my new favourite person. What a diamond. Hope he bags a great date cause of the show.

Louis from first dates was just the nicest guy bless him

Louis, u don't need that blonde babe. hit me up #FirstDates

Who else wants to start a campaign to find Louis love? #FirstDates

And in this week's episode, Louis was back in the First Dates restaurant hoping to make amends.

He said he had spent a lot of time thinking about where he went wrong with the first date.

His date, Lydia, got on straightaway with Louis.

The date went so well that they talked about going on the Trans-Siberian Railway with each other, as she was due to try it in the not-too-distant future.

Rah. Louis & Lydia are fucking made for each other. #FirstDates

I'm more invested in Louis' love life than my own πŸ‘πŸ» #golouis #firstdates

And in the decision room afterwards? Success!

Louis spoke to BuzzFeed about appearing on First Dates experience and the reaction he has received.

On the reaction to his appearance on social media:

"I was very overwhelmed by the support and I'm really touched by the response I've got from a wider range of people, both men and women, and then also people who have issues with social anxiety concerns. One woman wrote a really nice blog about my appearance on First Dates. I'm not diagnosed formally, but she said that she recognised herself in what she saw on television, and at the end of [the blog] described me as an inspiration and somebody who can help people in a similar position, which I just thought was amazing. I would have never considered myself to be one of those. I am really flattered by that my appearance may have helped people."

On why he decided to come back for a second date:

"I think it was due to the fact that I had let myself down in the first date, but also I am generally keen to actually meet somebody so I would to interested see if it would be more successful the second time."

And whether she's going on the Trans-Siberian Railway with Lydia:

"Unfortunately, just due to circumstances Lydia and I haven't had the chance to get together again. We correspond from time to time and she's been doing a lot of travelling herself, but unfortunately there are no plans to go together on the Trans-Siberian."

Well done, Louis. πŸ‘ πŸ‘ πŸ‘ πŸ‘

And in the epilogue.