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Which LGBT Character On Television Do You Admire?

And are there any characters that helped you when you needed it most?

Television needs more LGBT characters – but there are some already out there that are worth celebrating.

For example, I love Isak and Even's relationship in the Norweigan teen drama Skam, because it just showed us a relationship between two guys who love each other.

Who are your favourite characters? I have been absolutely obsessed with Denise (Lena Waithe) in Master of None, who is a constant source of wisdom.

And then there's the wonderful Buck Vu (Ian Alexander) in the deeply weird The OA, a character who I really want to see more of in the show's second season.

Tell us about the characters who you love or have helped you in any way. Oh and if you want to tell us about a character that has helped you, that character doesn't necessarily have to be canonically LGBT.

Let us know your character and the reason why and it might appear in a future BuzzFeed Community article or video!

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