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    20 "Killing Eve" Facts That Are Nearly As Good As The Show Itself

    From the use of "dickswab" to how Jodie Comer was able to speak so many different languages. (This post contains spoilers.)

    1. Phoebe Waller-Bridge, who developed Killing Eve for television, said that the use of "dickswab" in the opening episode may have come about because words like "fuck" were not allowed on BBC America.

    BBC America

    2. The unusual choice of word came about after Waller-Bridge googled “dickswab” to see how common its usage was, and found a person actually called “Dick Swab.”

    BBC America

    3. She said she chose the word “dickswab” after thinking “really, really hard” about what Eve and Bill would say to Darren Boyd’s character, Frank.

    BBC America

    4. Eve's first scene, consisting of her screaming in the bed, was intended to be a twist on crime shows that usually open with a woman screaming.

    BBC America

    We see Eve (Sandra Oh) seemingly in distress, only to find out that she's just slept funny. Waller-Bridge told the Hollywood Reporter: "We're so used to 'Screaming, Traumatized Woman' appearing at the beginning of a crime show. I wanted to turn it on its head and surprise the audience here.

    "It also reveals that she is not screaming because she is a victim. It's because she lost control for a second."

    5. Villanelle says in Episode 5 that she has a “thing for bathrooms”. Looking back, this makes sense: Multiple killings, meetings, and exchanges in the show take place in bathrooms.

    BBC America

    6. The Killing Eve team were keen from the start to secure Sandra Oh for the main role, but were told she was unavailable. Waller-Bridge was persistent, however, and even wrote a long email to Oh’s agent stating that Eve “couldn’t be [played] by anyone else.”

    BBC America

    7. Oh later revealed to the Hollywood Reporter that it was a combination of the script and an admiration for Waller-Bridge herself that made her accept the role.

    Robert Viglasky / Sid Gentle Films/Robert Viglasky

    "You get the script, you're on the phone with your agent — I remember where I was, I was in Brooklyn and I'm on the phone scrolling, scrolling [through the script] and I'm like, 'What's the part? Who am I playing?'

    "And Nancy [her agent] goes: 'Eve. You're playing Eve.'

    "It was the character and Phoebe's voice that I thought, This is the right thing for me."

    8. And the collaboration between women on the show had a real and lasting impact on Oh.

    Robert Viglasky / Sid Gentle Films/Robert Viglasky

    Oh told Variety: "After a 30-year career, I felt like I spent the past six months being able to work at my fullest capacity. All my main collaborators were women. I’m on a show about women. I felt that was remarkable...

    "It has always been a part of my world desire to increase diversity in every kind of way. And I hope to expand that. But it takes a long time to get power, and probably my first experience of really being able to exercise that was with this."

    9. Jodie Comer, who plays Villanelle, said she was “terrified” at the thought of having to speak multiple languages, but got over the hurdle by writing out the words phonetically from a tape and reading them aloud.

    Robert Viglasky / Sid Gentle Films/Robert Viglasky

    10. And while filming in Tuscany, she asked the Italian film crew to "tap her on the shoulder" if she got the language wrong.

    Robert Viglasky / Sid Gentle Films/Robert Viglasky

    There was a core crew who went to all five countries where Killing Eve was filmed, but many people on the team were local.

    11. Oh loved filming in Bucharest because of Romania's "post-Soviet way of getting things done". During filming, a vehicle being used for the show was too wide to move down a street because of parked cars in the way, so some Romanian guys lifted all of the cars in front of them on to the pavement.

    "The car alarms would go off," Oh told Jimmy Kimmel Live! "I kind of loved it."

    12. The show was based on a series of novellas called Villanelle by Luke Jennings, which were originally self-published by the author to be read on Amazon Kindle.

    Jason Bell / Sid Gentle Films/Jason Bell

    Jennings then met TV executive Sally Woodward Gentle, who was determined for the novellas to be turned into a TV show. She said: "Luke had an incredibly fresh take on it where it didn't feel sexually exploitative. It felt that the women were very, very strong in it, and not in a sort of male fantasy."

    After watching a performance of Waller-Bridge's play Fleabag, Jennings gave Waller-Bridge a copy of the book. She loved it, and met with him and Woodward Gentle to adapt it.

    At one point Killing Eve was pitched to the British channel Sky Living (now Sky Witness), but in the end the channel passed on it.

    13. Waller-Bridge said the biggest thrill of making this show was seeing Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer's characters walking and talking for the first time, while still writing and tweaking their parts.

    Robert Viglasky / Sid Gentle Films/Robert Viglasky

    14. Comer's audition consisted of the fridge scene from Episode 5. She auditioned with Oh, and as the scene involved them eating a lot of food, Oh brought in food props (including a blueberry pie) for them to use. During the audition Comer ate pretty much the whole pie.

    BBC America

    "They literally had to roll me out," Comer told Build.

    15. Comer has several “favourite murders” from the show, including the hairpin one in Tuscany from the opening episode and the one in which her character killed a man during BDSM surgery. She told Vulture: "It was just so outrageous!"

    BBC America

    16. The village where Villanelle tries to track down Frank is the same one where the British sitcom The Vicar of Dibley was filmed.

    BBC America / BBC

    (It's Turville in Buckinghamshire, also the location of Midsomer Murders and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.)

    17. The scene in which Bill (David Haig) follows Villanelle into a club was filmed not Berlin but actually in Fabric nightclub in London.

    BBC America

    18. And the scene in which Carolyn (Fiona Shaw) relays the story of seeing a rat drink from a can of Coke with both hands was filmed on Warwick House Street, just round the corner from Trafalgar Square.

    BBC America and

    19. Oh’s parents were so proud of her and the representation of Asian Americans in the show that they went to find a Killing Eve poster with her on it after church one Sunday.

    20. And finally, Oh brought her parents with her to the Emmys. When Variety asked Mrs Oh what she thought of her daughter's groundbreaking nomination, she said: "I'm so proud of her."


    After kissing her cheek, Oh said: "Oh my god, that happened on film!"