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    Just A Reminder That Jonathan Continues To Be Wonderful In "Queer Eye" Season 2

    "You are strong, you're a Kelly Clarkson song, you've got this."

    Queer Eye Season 2 dropped on Netflix a couple of weeks ago and, needless to say, Jonathan continues to be one of the best things about the entire series. There are so many moments to talk about.

    1. Like when he decided to put on a fashion show in the middle of someone's house, just because he could.

    2. When he coined the term "Bob Ross realness".

    3. And when he used Bob Ross to describe Georgia.

    4. And when he coined these new types of realness.

    5. When he knew how to make an entrance.

    6. And the right way to make an exit.

    7. When he came up with this extremely relatable way of explaining Sean's makeover in the seventh episode.

    8. When he delivered this line.

    9. When he reacted calmly when Sean informed him that he washed his hair every single day.

    10. When he found out that the Fab Five's client met his partner in a Walmart.

    11. When he was going through someone's cupboards and paid special attention to this.

    12. When Tan found a Hillary Clinton sign in the closest and immediately jumped to conclusions.

    13. When he gave this piece of interesting advice that came from his mother, of all people!

    14. When he gave William a real self-esteem boost.

    15. So yes, all of the Queer Eye guys are great in Season 2 but, my word, Jonathan. What a man.