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John Barrowman's "Superstar Dogs" Is The Most Intense Daytime Show Ever

If you love a show where dogs get confused whilst running around obstacle courses then you've come to the right place.

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BUT NOT ANY MORE. There's this show on C4.

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John Barrowman, who you'll recognise fromTorchwood, Doctor Who and Desperate Housewives (he also has both an American and Scottish accent, but nobody really knows why), presents a show where dogs compete in a number of challenges in an indoor dog arena. AN ACTUAL INDOOR DOG ARENA.

What do they win? M-O-N-E-Y and "a grand unveiling at this year's Crufts."


Think that the first challenge is pretty random? This is absolutely nothing compared to the second one.

The dog that manages to get the most balls into the goal wins. And if they get the small golden ball, there's more points.

Although, you should note that dogs can't understand such complicated rules as they are dogs. Dogs are also a colourblind so good luck with the golden balls.

Whilst some of the other dogs are crap at this.

They either push the balls in absolutely every single direction apart from the goal or just stand there, alone, barking into oblivion.

And after the balls and golden have been counted up, it's time for the most exciting and confusing round of all.



Each dog and their owner tackles an obstacle course! The dog has things to jump over, ladders to climb, tunnels to tunnel through... as fast as they literally can.

The owner meanwhile runs alongside, instructs them and panics as absolutely everything the dog attempts to do goes totally totally wrong.