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Adele Absolutely Nailed Singing A Nicki Minaj Record

She even downed a cup of tea in one go. What a legend.

Adele appeared on James Corden's Carpool Karaoke on The Late Late Show last night and like every skit that Adele has done so far, it does not disappoint.

View this video on YouTube / Via CBS / Late Late Show

The video was filmed in car last month on the rainy streets of London.

For example, we learn that Adele played THE DRUMS in the background of her own global smash "Hello".

She pulled this face when she sang along with the Spice Girls. / Via CBS / The Late Late Show

She also pulled this face when she decided to down a mug of tea because it was spilling everywhere.

There was this reaction when she realised that James Corden was great at harmonising with her. / Via CBS / Late Late Show

She gave this good reason for drinking a lot recently.

CBS / Late Late Show

Then we saw her nailing Nicki Minaj's "Monster". She was so good even Nicki Minaj approved of it.

Not only on Instagram but also on Twitter.

Adele is mad ratchet. I can't take her😂 #UK #WutsGood

I mean, why wouldn't you approve of this cover?

CBS / The Late Late Show

You. Freaking. Nailed. It. Guys.