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An Oven Door Fell Off On "The Great British Bake Off" And It Was Weirdly Hilarious

The ovens have finally started to retaliate.

The ovens. You always notice the ovens on Bake Off, because of the pull-out handle and closing motion.

Every episode features bakers checking them, being worried about them, or like Selasi, sexily gazing into them whilst lying down on the floor like this.

But in the latest episode of Bake Off, the oven bit went totally wrong. Stacey decided to check how her bake was doing in the oven a little too fast.

She slammed the oven door shut and immediately clocked that something didn't sound right.

It turns out that she broke the whole oven door.

Liam nearby had the facial expression of: "WTF."

She then said the first swear word that I think I have ever heard on The Great British Bake Off.

And whatever she did, it just wouldn't slot in again.

So, rather heroically, rather than abandoning all hope altogether, she left her bake in the oven.

She continued to hold the oven door with her bake inside.

And would check how her bake was doing like this.

And despite all of that, her Savoy Cake got top marks and she still managed to get Star Baker.

Congratulations to Stacey, who finally landed Star Baker! #GBBO

Thinking about it, the whole incident sums up 2017.

Viewers have obviously started to point fingers.

And have alluded to Stacey having superpowers.

Stacey when she has to drive home tonight #GBBO

Some people made some comparisons to that sad episode of Game of Thrones when Hodor had to hold the door.

Stacey with that oven door... #GBBO #GBBO2017 #GoT

And in conclusion...

I bet the slidey oven company are panicking right now #GBBO