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If You Had The Chance What Would You Tell Your Teenage Self?

"Just stop worrying. FOR GOODNESS' SAKE."

Word Swag / Thinkstock / Scott Bryan (BuzzFeed)

If you could speak to your younger self, maybe you would say that it isn't worth wasting your time being obsessed by a certain boy or girl.

Vevo /
Vevo /

Or maybe you would tell yourself it isn't worth spending all that money on cheap neon drinks.

Or maybe you would say to change how you act around others, because looking back, it is a bit cringe.

Or maybe you've got something serious to say, or want to give yourself some advice you never heard.

CBS This Morning / Harpo Productions / Via

Or you want to impart some facts you wish you knew at the time to save yourself a lot of pain in the future.

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So you feel a little bit less terrible and more like this.

Francis and the Lights / Via

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