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"Bake Off" Just Out Innuendo'd Itself And Nothing Will Save You Now

“If they don’t, the bottom will blow off the top so the top literally falls off.”

The Great British Bake Off is known, renowned even, for broadcasting unintentional sexual innuendos on British television:

Love Productions / Channel 4

And it's been getting increasingly intense: Last year, Mary Berry, whilst complimenting Candice's biscuit sculpture of a pub, said that she will "eat a bit of carpet."

Love Productions / BBC

Well, the Bake Off contestants had to make a cottage loaf in this week's episode, and the episode started with this SUPER INTENSE line from baker Stacey.

Love Productions / Channel 4

And then in the bit of the technical, where Paul and Prue give an outline of how the technicals should be done, it went from 0 to 1,000,000,000 really quick.

The amount of innuendo here is absolutely ridiculous. #GBBO

@scottygb / Twitter / Via Twitter: @scottygb

Here's what happened:

Love Productions / Channel 4


Love Productions / Channel 4

I felt like this weeks #GBBO was relatively PG and then Paul started talking about bread and now I need to wash my ears out

@livpurvis / Twitter / Via Twitter: @livpurvis

Everything about this is so strange.

Love Productions / Channel 4

Later in the episode, we also saw a snail Showstopper from Julia that quite honestly looked like a penis.

Love Productions / Channel 4

God bless The Great British Bake Off.

Love Productions / Channel 4


The baker with the super-intense line was Stacey. An earlier version of this post misstated her name.

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