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12 Unanswerable "Gogglebox" Living Room Problems

Why is the armchair in Giles and Mary's the same as the wallpaper? WHY?

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1. Is this window a fake or is this actually a window?

Channel 4

And why has this window suddenly arrived in just the last series? I mean, have they moved house? Where do you live? I NEED TO KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE.

2. Why doesn't David from Caerphilly have adequate neck support when he's lying down on his sofa?

Channel 4 / Studio Lambert

Watching him turn to talk to Shirley is so uncomfortable. Even a pillow would make this entire show less stressful. David, I can go to John Lewis. Just tell me.


5. Why do they ask each other what TV show is starting when there is a remote control next to them?

Studio Lambert / Channel 4

And who exactly starts watching programmes these days without knowing exactly what the show is, in this multi-platform digital digital digital digital age we live in?

6. Why does looking at the seat where Jay used to sit cause a pit of despair in the depths of your stomach?

Channel 4 and Jamie Jones / BuzzFeed

Hope used to be here. Joy too. Now there is just nothing. Nothing but pain.

7. Does Graham ever get dead legs because Reverend Kate's legs are constantly lying across his legs?

Studio Lambert / Channel 4

I'm sorry. There was no easier way of writing this.

Also important: Is there a second in Kate's life when she doesn't drink tea?


13. And who on earth thought that having two phone lines 3 metres from each other would be a good idea?

Studio Lambert / Channel 4

Someone asked the Radio Times why there are two phones.

Mary said, "Well, the black phone is for normal business and the white phone is a backup..."

"In the past Giles has left both phones off the hook by mistake and I used to have to get the neighbours to go along to the garden to find him and ring me – this was while I was in London – and he used to be furious at being caught gardening instead of painting..."