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23 WTF Phrases We All Have To Learn On Duolingo For Some Reason

This foreign language app teaches you well-known phrases, but it seriously needs to chill the fuck out.

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1. What are you?

2. Bow down before your god.

4. What is your business model?

5. Your ex has got married, hasn't he?

8. What a rude dolphin.

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Ohhhhh errrrr thanks.

10. What is he doing with my dog?

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11. What is the cat doing?

12. That's nice, but I'm not interested.

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13. Where are the women?

duolingo gettin increasingly sinister here

14. Huh?

15. OK and what are you going to do to me?

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16. You're... starting to concern me.

17. OK. I really have to go now.

18. What is that smell coming from the kitchen?

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19. Who.... who.... who else is in the fridge?

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20. I... I regret learning a foreign language.

22. Someone call the police.


I think Duolingo wants me to murder someone 😕