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    Diet Coke's Latest Ad Features A Man Whose Nipple Has Been Airbrushed Out For Some Reason

    Is this a classic case of Photoshop gone wrong?

    What is wrong with this advert?

    Look a bit closer.


    This has not gone unnoticed.

    Erm they have photoshopped out the mans nipples in the new Diet Coke ad. Sure.

    New Diet Coke billboard is so horrifically photoshopped that they've actually removed the poor man's nipples.

    You need to fire your marketing team @DietCoke. This guy has no nipple and its freaking me out.

    Wait. This slight smudge. Is that a nipple?

    There is a dark spot here too. Is that the nipple?

    What also needs to be addressed is this.


    Scott Bryan / BuzzFeed /
    Well this is awkward…We would like to assure you that no nipples were harmed in the making of our Diet Coke ad and we are just as baffled as you as to where it could have gone. We can only assume that it was also enjoying a Diet Coke break. However, we all know that perfection is not always in the man…But it's certainly in the can."

    Sure okay let's go with that.