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Die-Hard British Batman Fan Makes An Actual Working Batmobile

It's got an after-burner, flame-thrower and everything. Robin not included.

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That's right, an actual working batmobile.

SWNS / Via

Built in the UK, the batmobile is based on the one driven in the 1989 film Batman Returns. It's got nearly all of the gadgets featured in the film too, including a flame-thrower, hydraulic suspension, remote ignition and full LED running lights.

It can also go from 0 to 60mph in less than 3.7 seconds.

Here it is in action.

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It's even got that big exhaust after-burner.

SWNS / Via

Bad news, the exhaust after-burner can only run for 15 seconds due to the amount of fuel it consumes. So don't use it unless you're 15 seconds away from a petrol station.