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    13 Times Catherine Cawood From "Happy Valley" Was Such A Badass

    Sarah Lancashire, we salute you. This article contains spoilers for season one.

    1. When she started the new series looking like this.

    2. The way she negotiated with this guy.

    3. And the way she turned up to this negotiation.

    4. The fact that she doesn't want to try new things.

    5. And doesn't make a big deal about the fact she was punched in the face while arresting someone.

    6. She really doesn't make a big deal about it.

    7. The way she stared at that twat Ashley.

    8. The way she dealt with chasing this ice cream van that was stashed full of loads of drugs by herself.

    9. The fact that she gives a shit about the people who she deals with every single day.

    10. The way she dishes out advice to people who are having to make difficult decisions at short notice.

    11. The way she tried to make Kevin give a statement when he first came to the police station.

    12. The way she dealt with a guy who made fun of her colleague's death, by pinning him down in his car.

    13. And how she stood over her community knowing it was safe because of her brave, selfless actions.