This Satirical Sketch That Rips Apart The Idea That Sexual Harassment Is Complicated Has Gone Viral

    The Mash Report sketch has had more than 11 million views. An executive producer of the show told BuzzFeed News: "It’s not that complicated an issue, it’s not a minefield; all you really have to do as a man is not act like a complete wanker."

    A segment on The Mash Report, taking the piss out of the idea that men are afraid to compliment women in case they are accused of sexual harassment, has been watched online by more than 11 million people in two days.

    BBC Two / Via Facebook: video.php

    The BBC Two programme, presented by Nish Kumar, is a weekly British satirical news show created by the people behind the Daily Mash website. It's a bit like The Daily Show but with fake news presenters taking the mick out of real news stories.

    Rachel Parris, who plays an upbeat social media reporter, opens the segment by addressing the idea that people are confused by what does and doesn't constitute sexual harassment.

    Parris then highlights various newspaper articles that suggest that because of recent sexual assault accusations, men are now afraid to help women at work or hug them. She sarcastically says:

    Kumar then asks her this question:

    Kumar is then made to hug Parris for a long period of time, which makes him feel rather uncomfortable.

    Most of the reaction to the skit has been positive...

    Nish: don't look at the script Nish, it'll be fine Nish, you'll be able to wing it on the night... ofcourse we wudn…

    Oh my God, that #TheMashReport item about sexual harassment was brilliant. @rachelparris @MrNishKumar

    ...but a certain proportion of comments have said it downplays a serious issue.

    Paul Stokes, publisher of the Daily Mash and executive producer of The Mash Report, told BuzzFeed News: “It’s worked so well because it does what the Daily Mash and The Mash Report do at their best, which is to use humour to cut through all the bullshit and just nail the issue. And it’s an amazing performance from Rachel Parris."

    He then said: "As Rachel points out, it’s not that complicated an issue, it’s not a minefield; all you really have to do as a man is not act like a complete wanker. Everyone knows that really, and that’s why it has resonated so well."

    The Mash Report continues on BBC Two on Thursdays at 10pm in the UK and you can watch the first episode of the new series on the BBC iPlayer website.