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Some Drunk Glaswegians Fought The Law Over Their Right To Put Traffic Cones On A Statue, And Won

An online campaign stopped this cone-troversial plan from going ahead.

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But it became such a nuisance that Glasgow City Council planned to raise the height of the statue to put an end this tradition.

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STV reported yesterday:

"The council is seeking to stamp out this "depressing image" of the city, by doubling the size of the plinth it sits on so that only the "most determined of vandals" would seek to continue the practice that has been taking place for around 30 years.

The tradition could be thwarted under the works, which are estimated to cost £65,000 according to the planning application lodged with the local authority."

The council will withdraw the application for the statue outside the Gallery of Modern Art after it was the subject of a campaign to halt it.A spokeswoman said: "The wording of the report was appalling and the leader of the council has instructed officers to withdraw the planning application."