Jane And Candice From “Bake Off” Are Going On Holiday Together

It was weirdly the most emotional part of the show. (This post contains spoilers).

1. At the very end of the current series of Bake Off, we found out what the bakers are now up to. This one felt weirdly emotional.

BBC / Love Productions

2. Jane and Candice are going on holiday.

BBC / Love Productions

5. This is why Bake Off was such a special show. It wasn’t really about the competition, it was all about the friendships that came along the way.

Love Productions / BBC

6. Friendships that developed over the challenges.

BBC / Love ProductionsLove Productions / BBC

7. Friendships that we saw a little bit on-screen…

BBC / Love Productions

8. But you know developed all the more off-screen.

Instagram: @selasigb / Via BBC / Love Productions

9. We didn’t even know that Candice and Jane were close enough friends to go on holiday together. But it’s also, somehow, not surprising.

Love Productions / BBC

10. Bake Off 2016. We didn’t deserve you.

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