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A Lot Of People Are Sharing This Inspirational Clip Of Alistair Brownlee Helping His Brother At The End Of A Race

At the Triathlon World Series in Mexico, Brownlee sacrificed his own position in the race when his brother Jonny started to get into trouble.

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Today, a lot of people are sharing a clip from the ITU Triathlon World Series, which shows the lengths the Brownlee brothers got to to support each other.

Towards the end of the race in Mexico, Jonny was clearly in trouble and looked as if he was about to collapse at any moment.

The 2016 WTS season ends in a dramatic fashion. What. A. Year. #WTS2016


And was sent to hospital as a precaution.

Not how I wanted to end the season, but gave it everything. Thanks @AliBrownleetri, your loyalty is incredible

He said:

If it happened to anyone I would have helped him across the line. To be honest, it's an awful position to be in. If he conked out ... away from the finish line there and there isn't a medical support, it's a dangerous position to be in.

He didn't let Jonny off the hook, and said (according to the BBC): "I wish the flipping idiot had paced it right and crossed the finish line first. He could have jogged that last two kilometres and won the race."


Jonny has since joked about the finish, commenting about it on Twitter: "Normally when you have too much to drink. This time it was the opposite #ouch."

Normally when you have had too much to drink. This time it was the opposite #ouch

There has been a big reaction on Twitter.

Unbelievable effort from them both. Love that @jonny_brownlee still grits his teeth for one last push before line!

Maybe @AliBrownleetri done enough for a #SPOTY nomination at long last.

Two of the greatest sportspeople ever @AliBrownleetri @jonny_brownlee