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Mr Clarke Is The Most Underrated Character In "Stranger Things"

SPOILER ALERT. Do not read this until you have finished Stranger Things.

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YES, BARB IS AN AMAZING CHARACTER. WE KNOW. But we have to give so much more credit to Mr Clarke.

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Let me explain why. And if you have not finished Stranger Things, please leave this post and immediately finish watching Stranger Things.

The first reason is simple: He listens. No question is unacceptable. He's essentially what we wanted our teachers to be growing up – not condescending.

Without him the plot would have been so different and more people would have been killed. He's also integral to every breakthrough the kids have.


The ham shack was what was used to contact Will.

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Without Mr Clarke's kit, Joyce would never have been able to talk to her son in her house and wouldn't have been as aware that Will was still alive.


If he was like some other teachers, he would have not bothered to tell them. Mr Clarke wasn't like other teachers.

Remember he was also on a date that night. He still took the call.

BONUS: He's not too smart. He wasn't able to work out that El wasn't a second cousin, but this was actually a good thing because it helped everyone.

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But you get the feeling that if Mr Clarke had blown El's cover, he would have protected her. Although he wasn't around when everyone was in grave peril, you always felt that he was still on your side.