A Company Is Giving Away Free Butter On The Hottest Day Of The Year And Everyone Is Confused

This has to be one of the weirdest publicity stunts ever.

1. So I was doing my shopping, then this happened.

2. No seriously. Flora is giving away free butter.

3. And many people assume that it is ice cream.

Just picked up this freebee because I thought it was ice cream. Turns out it was butter... thanks anyway @Flora!

— Amy Liddell (@amy_len4)

7. And you can’t really blame people for thinking this. Why? Well let’s take a look at the weather forecast.

8. This promotion doesn’t really make sense, right?

Dear @Flora - thank you for giving out free tubs of Gold on the street in 25 degree heat. Is this the world's first non-melting butter?

— Nicola Savage (@NickyMSavage)

9. Many people are sharing photos tweeting “WTF??!!”

10. But at least you can pose with the butter.

11. SEE?!

Come to Oxford street and pick up your free butter. Best thing for a hot sunny day

— Fawn Mead (@xFAWNx)

12. It goes really well with your business look.

Someone just handed me a tub of Flora. Just a tub of butter.

— Serena Holloway (@serenaholloway)

13. It can provide a tasty treat while you’re out and about.

Sometimes I really love London. Was given free butter on the street. It's quite nice.

— Antonia (@Tonianni)

14. And if you are a hoarder this is the greatest day.

I am not sure if these are enough :). They were free afterall. #whatshouldibake #butter #flora #London

— Food Cloud (@FoodCloud1)

15. Here is where the promotion is taking place right now. #publicservice

FREEBIE ALERT: They're giving out free bottles of Evian water + full size Flora Gold boxes at #Waterloo station. You're welcome! #freestuff

— Francis 'Frankie' Vu (@theFrancisVu)

16. Just whatever you do, don’t take it on a train.

@Flora giving away free tubs of gold butter at Waterloo station to people about to get on a hot train in a heatwave #marketing

— Helen Louise Hambly (@HelenEmerald)

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