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    31 Ways The Early Noughties Were So Completely Different From Today

    Neighbours on BBC1 and Freddos costing 10p. It was a different time.

    1. What did you eat? TURKEY TWIZZLERS.

    2. And to wash it down? SUNNY D AND BN.

    3. BBC One was known for having these bad boys.

    4. But it then replaced it with these rubbish ones.


    5. We let them off though cos they had Neighbours.

    6. What else was different? Well Celebrity Big Brother had contestants who were actually celebrities.

    7. Commercial TV channels showed Crazy Frog or 'love texts' adverts EVERY THREE MINUTES.

    8. If you were outside the SE of England, were you able to ever get Channel 5? NO YOU WEREN'T.

    9. Although you were later able to get this channel (and more) when digital TV came along. You only considered getting it because of the monkey.

    10. And what happened to ITV Digital? IT WENT BUST.

    11. Although you didn't mind because ITV News being shite because ITV News presented by this man.

    12. And on BBC News? MOIRA STUART. LEGEND.

    13. But you never watched the news anyway because you just used Ceefax to get your fix.

    14. Or you bought and read the papers, which back then were basically all epicly huge broadsheets.

    15. Or maybe you didn't buy a paper. Maybe you bought Smash Hits! or The Face instead.

    RIP. We will always love you.

    16. You used Hotmail or Yahoo back then didn't you?

    17. Then Gmail launched. You were like WOAH we're...

    18. You were still had one of these though, your main source of social networking outside of work.

    19. But you were secretly desperate for these phones.

    Nokia will last forever. I mean c'mon guys it's invincible.

    20. You also had an iPod, but back then it was so thick you had to wear trousers with a thick belt.


    21. And all your songs? Lovingly nicked from Napster.

    22. Or bought legally and charted in the brand new...

    23. Other tech inventions? They replaced swiping and signing with Chip & Pin. Retail was no longer a...

    24. They also had the travelcard in London back then. They introduced Oyster in 2003. You were like...

    25. And what else did we have in the early noughties? Oh that's right MONEY. LOTS OF MONEY.

    26. It was a time when we all smelled of fags because there was no ban.

    27. A time when this was a crime against humanity.

    28. A time when this television singing programme on BBC One was a crime against humanity.

    29. A time when there were 'real' bands.

    One Direction? Yeah whatever.

    30. A time when the 99 Flake cost 99p.

    31. And when a Freddo cost 10p and only 10p.


    Love the early noughties. You were ace.