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    29 Reasons The '90s/Early '00s Was The Golden Era Of CBBC

    Did you watch CITV as a kid? Poor, poor you.

    1. Why was this the golden era? Well, the idents.

    2. Even more awesome when they changed to this.

    3. There was also this presenting dream team.

    4. Blue Peter was also waaaaaay more cool back then because the logo looked like a pile of blue smarties on top of a jelly bean.

    5. And back then Blue Peter had a proper garden. With a London Wood Lane postcode and everything.

    6. Also, the best dogs and animals in the universe.

    Rest In Peace. They are all dead now.

    7. Had a bring-and-buy sale? You got THESE.

    8. And the Blue Peter presenters back then? Legends.

    BBC / Via

    9. You also knew when exactly it was on.

    Only exceptions are Tuesdays and Thursdays during the summer holidays OBVS.

    10. And directly after Blue Peter? Well there was this.

    It used to be at 5 but they swapped REMEMBER?

    11. Newsround was presented by these guys. Watching them on BBC News these days is just weird.

    12. Who else presented it? WELL THIS GUY OBVS.

    13. But were you ever a Press Pack reporter? NOPE.

    You're bitter to this day about not being chosen to be one.

    14. Were you ever on this show? NOPE. / BBC

    15. How about this show with your school? NOPE.

    16. But you always watched 50/50 because during the quiz round this always happened without fail.

    CBBC / Via

    Everyone thought they could cheat and whisper. THEY WERE ALWAYS CAUGHT.

    17. This also happened without fail. First, this.

    CBBC /

    18. Then the last 'o' falling over.

    CBBC /

    19. Then the 's' falling over.

    CBBC /

    20. Why else was this a golden era? Well...

    CBBC /

    21. And of course...

    CBBC / Via

    22. He kinda looked like Jack Straw didn't he?


    23. So much so, if you Google Image Search Jack Straw you get offered a gallery full of this.

    24. CBBC was also awesome because of this tune.

    Via / BBC

    25. Remember when the school EXPLODED? / BBC

    26. This was also the soundtrack to our youth.


    27. We only watched it though because of the jumping and falling rollerblades.

    28. But nothing... NOTHING... compared to this.

    CBBC /

    29. And this phone number from Live & Kicking.

    CBBC /

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