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25 Reasons Drinking When You're Underage Is The Worst

We all drank when we were underage because we thought it was the coolest, but actually it was the worst.

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2. Having your birthday during these months is awful. Why? Because you are the youngest person in your school year.

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So while your friends can get into bars because they look older than you (or they are of actual legal age) drinking consists of...

4. Spending every second in the bar paranoid in case your birth date gets found out by the staff, so you spend most of the time under the table.

You bore your friends with "What if the bartender finds out and then rings the police, and then the police take me court and then in court I'm found guilty and then I kill my jailmate? And then I get put in front of a war crimes tribunal and then AND THEN HAVE TO DIE?"

17. But suddenly one of your friends disappears.

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Where has he gone? He was really enjoying feeling the walls between the kitchen and the living room 25 minutes ago.

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