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    23 Netflix Suggestions That Make No Sense

    Fancy a romantic film? How about Cabin in the Woods?

    1. Watched Star Trek? Why not try Murder She Wrote?

    2. Watched My Little Pony? Why not tryTorchwood?

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    Torchwood! Of course!

    3. Liked Ken Burns: The War? Why not try...

    4. You'll love this feel-good movie.

    5. These goofy comedies as well.

    6. Finished The Naked Gun? This is just as uplifting.

    7. And if you fancy some romance...

    8. You could also watch.

    9. Or maybe try.

    Under the 'Romance' section on Netflix. Oh.



    Under the 'Romance' section on Netflix. Oh.

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    10. And if you run out of ideas, there's always...

    11. Finished Bruno? The Human Centipede is like it.

    12. They haven't got A Cinderella Story. Maybe try...

    13. Nor do they have Curb Your Enthusiasm.

    14. Or Dumb and Dumber.

    15. You could put Breaking Bad on for the kids.

    16. And after American Horror Story, give this a try.

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    Of course! Thomas & Friends: Muddy Matters.

    17. Finished Orange Is The New Black? Well there's...

    18. Finished The Nutty Professor? Well there's...

    19. Want to watch some thrilling crime? That's right...

    20. You'll find this a good fit.

    21. You'll find this confusing.

    22. If you liked Doctor Who? Why not try...

    23. And remember... for when it's late.

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