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    22 Reasons Why York Is The Greatest City In The North

    City walls and nightclubs that giveaway free prawn crackers. IT'S AMAZING.

    1. Bettys. Need I say more?

    Yes there's also a Bettys in Harrogate, but the one in York is the BEST one.

    2. York is situated slap bang near the middle of the East Coast Main Line, making getting anywhere in the rest of the United Kingdom an absolute doddle.

    3. And the city is southern enough to get heatwaves but northern enough to get snowfall.

    4. What else makes York epic? ITS CITY WALLS.

    London Stereoscopic Company / Hulton Archive / Getty Images

    5. Lost in the city at any time? No problem. Just walk out from the centre of town in any direction and BAM...

    Twitter: @ennislaw

    .... you can walk back round to somewhere you recognise again.

    6. The streets all sound the same (which makes getting around York incredibly confusing at first)...

    ... but you don't care because the street names are epic.

    Twitter: @simplesima

    "I whip my gate back and forth I whip my gate back and forth."


    Twitter: @HeritageCities

    Don't forget Mr Sandwich halfway down for the world's cheapest sandwiches.

    It just blows your mind.

    Warner Brothers / Harry Potter / Via

    8. Speaking of the city centre, there are more pubs in York than you can literally shake a stick at.

    Twitter: @_themushroom http://york-w

    Legend suggests there's one for every day of the year, but the guy who attempted to count them all probably died if he drank at each one :(

    9. How much does a night out cost? About this much.


    Down south that amount of money wouldn't even get you a pint of milk.

    10. And of course there's The Willow, a resturant that doubles up as a nightclub. And why is it so good?

    Because along with £3 double mixers you also get to eat out of a huge bucket of PRAWN CRACKERS.

    Shutterstock / Hong Vo

    11. And to top off your night why not head to Clifford's Tower, which was obviously built just for people to roll down.

    12. Good news. Thanks to the location of the Nestlé factory, the city smells of chocolate if the wind is heading in the right direction.

    20th Century Fox / Jack Mackie Productions / Via

    13. They've also gotten rid of the FTR buses aka. the scary bendy futuristic accordion that wants to kill.

    14. Don't forget the sheer determination of the people of York. When the River Ouse spectacularly floods each year...

    Jeff J Mitchell / Getty Images

    ... nearly everything continues to open as normal.

    Christopher Furlong / Getty Images


    15. Go near the Uni and these will bloody frighten you though.

    16. And think of the city's exports. SHED SEVEN.

    17. Rowntree's philanthropy and FRUIT PASTILLES.

    18. THESE MAZES.

    Kippa Matthews/David Leon / Getty Images



    Mike Hewitt / Getty Images

    Why? Guy Fawkes was from York.

    20. And of course, inspiration for the greatest city in the WHOLE WIDE BLOODY WORLD, New York*.

    Afton Almaraz / Getty Images

    Don't check. For goodness sake don't fact check that.

    21. And if that doesn't take your fancy, there's this place only a few miles away from York itself.

    Love you York you beautiful beast you.

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