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The Bakers Helping Each Other Continues To Be The Best Thing About "Bake Off"

You only see it for a few seconds, but the feeling is wonderful.

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2016 has been depressing and a LITTLE bit shit, so let me take the opportunity to highlight that everyone on Bake Off helps each other and is absolutely lovely.

1. When Selasi was helping Kate assemble her batter Showstopper and there was only a minute left.

Love Productions / BBC

He didn't have to do it, but he did. Oh, and then Kate left the tent.

2. When Louise told Andrew his Jaffa cake was upside down at the end of the first technical challenge.

Love Productions / BBC

Andrew still made his Jaffa cake upside down, but at least his bake wasn't displayed upside down. It was displayed right way up, upside down.

3. When Tom's Danish pastry got slagged off by Mary and Paul, so Rav gave him a sympathetic sad face.

Love Productions / BBC

Oh, the smile you give when your bake has gone to shit but you're pretending that ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING IS FINE. JUST FINE.

Where's a corkscrew?

4. When Jane didn't have enough time to assemble her Showstopper, so Selasi offered to help her.

Love Productions / BBC

"I want Selasi to come to my house and help me finish my Showstopper, if you know what you I mean." – that weird person in the room with you right now

5. When Andrew forgot to switch his oven on and everyone in the tent looked genuinely shocked.

Love Productions / BBC

Andrew's depiction of Munch's "The Scream" will be written up by art historians for decades to come. Never knew that painting was about a Bakewell tart.

6. When Selasi wasn't sure whether his zingy curd tasted alright so he asked Benjamina to try some.

Love Productions / BBC

"Oh, for god's sake, Selasi, I'm in a relationship..." – all people in a relationship

9. And when Kate, Jane, and Tom helped Candice, who was struggling to finish brioche loaf in the closing seconds of the signature challenge.

Love Productions / BBC

Britain is perfect. Never change a thing. Except all the bad things. They're shit.

Your faith in 2016 has been restored.

You're welcome.

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