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18 Weirdly Angry Letters To The Editor

Yes! Even though the internet exists people still do this.

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8. Mumford and Sons are just like the Nazis ANGER.

Via Twitter: @raanve

"The closer we get to the Mumford & Sons concert in Troy, the more I think I how the French must have felt as the Nazi forces were marching across Europe and into Paris.

An army of darkness has aligned against the city of Troy. These people are going to roll into our quiet little town and there is seemingly nothing we can do about it. They are going to leave a path of destruction in their wake. I have no doubt there will be laws broken, morals destroyed, drug and alcohol paraphernalia left behind and a football stadium destroyed.

And the saddest part of it all? Our leaders are endorsing this! We have all been handed over to the forces of evil, and for what? Some money? They basically handed us over to the Roman centurions for 30 pieces of silver.

I hope they can live with their blood money. What is the cost of your souls, our so-called "leaders?"

Not a single one has stood up for the people of this community. It's pretty obvious our city council members don't care about their constituents. They want our voices silenced. History will show this concert will be the end of Troy as we know it - and history will also show our leaders gave it their blessing."