16 Reasons Everyone Still Loves "This Morning"

Where would we be without Katie Hopkins, sensationalist interviews and Philip Schofield?

This Morning is now 25 years old!

They did a show from their old home in the Liverpool Docks, and for one day only reintroduced the historic weather map!

1. So why has the show lasted so long? Well, it’s because of the theme tune for starters.

Tip: this post is a lot more fun when you leave the song playing in the background.

2. And Phil and Holly’s on-screen chemistry of course.

itv / Via youtube.com

3. And you watch because you secretly want these TV experts to be your grandparents.


4. But it’s not just that. You watch it because of their non-stop hard-hitting interviews.

ITV / Via youtube.com

They are this heavy by the way…

ITV / Via youtube.com

5. And we watch because there are VERY awkward features, like this sex guide for the over-70s…

ITV / Via youtube.com

… which was very detailed.

6. Remember that time Paul Ross had his rectum inspected live on air?

ITV / Via anorak.co.uk

Richard Blackwood, too.

ITV / Via i2.cdnds.net

7. You watch This Morning because you like seeing Katie Hopkins getting OWNED.

8. And because you get to hate-watch this big troll.

9. You also like it because they tell you when exactly everything is for no reason.

10. And because you are enticed by Phillip Schofield’s silver hair.

Ben Pruchnie / Getty Images

Ben Pruchnie / Getty Images


11. Don’t forget those scenic river views.

Although it doesn’t look as scenic when you look at the studios from the river.

12. And then there’s the history! Fern Britton’s double entendres every three and a half minutes…

youtube.com / Via ITV

13. The time they decided that doing ‘knife throwing’ on live TV was a really great idea.

View this embed ›

14. Judy Finnigan’s ‘wardrobe malfunction’ when the show won an award…

ITV / Via youtube.com

15. And of course the fact that this once happened.

ITV / Via youtube.com


Happy birthday, This Morning. Never change.

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