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    14 Amazing Retro Prizes You Could Have Won On "Bullseye"

    INNNNNNNNNNNNNN one... it's this fabulous carriage clock.

    It's the thrilling final round of Bullseye! You have the chance to win fabulous prizes just by hitting each numbered segment with a dart on a dartboard.

    But what fabulous prizes can they win Jim?

    This music will get you in the mood.

    1. "Elegance on any mantlepiece, a carriage clock." / Challenge ITV

    2. "It's a fourteen-inch portable telly!" Challenge ITV

    3. "Now you can be flash on the phone with this novelty neon phone." Challenge ITV

    4. "If you take home this cuddly pink hippo, they'll be shouting hippo-ray!" Challenge ITV

    5. "This music centre, and the matching gold pens!" Challenge ITV

    6. "As used in the best society, it's a beautifully crafted Wedgewood Dinner Service." Challenge ITV

    7. "Parting is such sweet sorrow, but much sweeter with luggage like this." Challenge ITV

    8. "Knit your own with this electronic knitting machine." Challenge ITV


    9. "It's a Talbot Samba. It's got economic motoring and electronic ignition." Challenge ITV

    10. Or you could win this... "It's not just charming, it's also chiming! It's a grandmother clock!" Challenge ITV

    11. "This comprehensive set of Encyclopedias." Challenge ITV

    12. Or... "How about this silk effect two-piece with a pleated skirt and a silk blouse in Autumn colours?" Challenge ITV

    13. "Whilst Colette's right up to date with this 60s-style check tunic jacket with loose fitting trousers." Challenge ITV

    14. In fact scrap all that. "You've won this speedboat." Challenge ITV

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