12 Times Philomena Cunk From "Weekly Wipe" Nailed It

    The contributor, played by Diane Morgan, manages to sum the news, modern life and television like no other.

    1. On philosophy.

    2. On Benefits Street.

    3. On Winston Churchill.

    4. "How did Churchill come to invent tippex?"

    vine.co / Via bbc.co.uk / House of Tomorrow / BBC

    The response? "Well... he... didn't."

    5. And Wolf Hall.

    6. On computers.

    vine.co / Via bbc.co.uk

    "There's almost nothinga person can do that a computer can't, except ride a horse."

    7. On the invention of the computer.

    8. On crime.

    9. On Charles Darwin.

    10. On Greenwich Mean Time.

    11. On Breaking Bad.

    12. And finally, Broadchurch.

    vine.co / Via bbc.co.uk

    "In series one the mystery was who's the murderer.

    In series two it's 'what's the point?'"