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12 Ways "Good Morning Britain" Is Going Wrong

Why is Andi Peters giving away money at a car boot sale?

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You may have heard that ratings for ITV's new breakfast show, Good Morning Britain, are not great. / ITV / Good Morning Britain /

But why? Is this show just as doomed as ITV's last big breakfast show launch, Daybreak, in 2010?


2. The serious news will often be followed up by, say, a topical discussion on whether toddlers should be given iPads. / Good Morning Britain

That's a potty with an iPad attached, in case you were wondering. They then start a discussion posing the question, "Is this a technology time bomb?"


5. Or there's a feature on how to make really delicious smoothies with author Jackie Collins. / Good Morning Britain

There's no problem with having a mixture of high-brow and low-brow content, but it makes you wonder who Good Morning Britain is actually aimed at.

Is it for the people who used to watch GMTV, who liked to watch Daybreak, who watch the business news on BBC Breakfast, or is it somebody new?

7. Just so he can ask members of the public to spin a giant plastic wheel in the hope of winning cash prizes.

Good Morning Britain / ITV /

It's not a one-off feature either. This spin-the-wheel thing has been on every single episode.


Andi Peters has even visited Sutton Colefield.

Andi Peters took his Good Morning Britain 'wheel of cash' to a car boot sale in Sutton Colefield today.

Grace Dent@gracedent

Andi Peters took his Good Morning Britain 'wheel of cash' to a car boot sale in Sutton Colefield today.

09:00 AM - 5 May 14ReplyRetweetFavorite

10. The fact that presenter Ben Shepherd personally introduces the news in your area is also a bit weird.

Why is it weird? Because it is made to appear live but the whole sequence is taped.


So having her present equally alongside three other anchors for the entire show is a bit of a surprise.

Good Morning Britain / ITV /

You've now got to know and like four anchors, a weather presenter and Andi Peters.

Why does Good Morning Britain end at 8.30?

Well because that Lorraine breakfast show thing is on.


OK, so ITV breakfast shows have always finished at 8.30.

Even so, having the show adruptly end at 8.30 makes a show that already looks fit to burst, look even more fit to burst.