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    11 Unexpected Most Read Stories On The BBC News Website

    What did more people read about? Fukushima or boobs?

    1. More people clicked on a story about a horse in McDonalds than Kate going into labour.

    Alastair Grant / AP and Twitter: @mattstokoe

    2. And more people read about Beyoncé's hair being stuck in a fan than about Prince George being born.

    Peter Macdiarmid / Getty Images and Twitter: @samburnejames

    3. More people read this I'm A Celebrity item than the breaking news that Thatcher had just died.

    Mike Lawn / Getty Images and Twitter: @flashboy

    4. And more people read about a guy's head stuck in a bin than Eric Hobsbawm's passing.

    Wesley Hulton Archive / Getty Images and Twitter: @GLove39

    5. What was more popular? Fukushima nuclear plant water leakage or post-pregnancy boobs? BOOBS.

    Ruslan Kudrin at Shutterstock and Twitter: @ed_son

    6. A story of a man fending off attackers while holding chips attracted more clicks than the Pope's resignation.

    Alessandra Tarantino / AP and Twitter: @BlackPlaques

    7. More people wanted to know about a kitten on the tube than how much MPs were going to be paid.

    Reuters Tv / Reuters and Twitter: @jonhew

    8. And then there are times when the Most Popular stories seem weirdly connected. Like this one...

    Ross Kinnaird / Getty Images and Twitter: @ThomasDixon2013

    9. And this one.

    Humannet / Shutterstock and Twitter: @OfficiallyMarkB

    10. This one.

    Andrew Winning / Reuters and Twitter: @ianvisits

    11. And finally, this one.

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