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    Sep 10, 2014

    11 Mesmerising Photos Of The Harvest Supermoon Above The Skies Of Britain

    Oh moon, you are so beautiful.

    1. Noticed the moon looking a bit bigger lately? It's a harvest supermoon.

    Getty Images / Peter Macdiarmid

    Supermoons take place when the moon is at its closest to us in its orbit, making it appear especially large and bright. Harvest moons take place just before the autumn equinox, when the sun sets and the moon rises at around the same time. Both phenomena are taking place at the moment.

    2. Here is the supermoon above the sky of Brixton as a plane passes by.

    3. It has been looking glorious all across Britain, from Roker lighthouse in Sunderland in the northeast...

    Matthew Robinson /
    Matthew Robinson /

    4. Glastonbury Tor in the southwest.

    Robin Morrison / / 9th September 2014

    5. It's also a beautiful sight to see above Swansea Bay.

    REX USA / Rex
    REX USA / Rex

    6. Whitehall looked beautiful as the harvest supermoon shone above Horse Guards Parade and through the London Eye on the evening of 10 September.

    Getty Images Peter Macdiarmid

    7. It seemed even closer later that night in this shot, right behind the London Eye.

    Getty Images / Peter Macdiarmid

    8. The blinking light at the top of One Canary Wharf is insignificant compared to the light from the supermoon.

    Getty Images / Peter Macdiarmid

    9. Here it is behind The Shard on the evening of 9 September.

    REX USA/Javier Garcia/BPI / Rex
    REX USA/Javier Garcia/BPI / Rex

    10. Before rising above it like a hero.

    REX USA/Javier Garcia/BPI / Rex

    11. Good on you, supermoon. You officially rock.

    Getty Images / Richard Heathcote

    And remember... If you see the supermoon, do this.

    Jim Partridge /

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