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Three Major Freckle Fests Prove That Redheads Are Taking Over

It's summertime, and for redheads all over the world (Northern Hemisphere to be specific) you might think that means it's time to hide away in the shade. But we're tired of that - and besides, we all have plenty of factor 50 sunscreen (although I actually picked up some factor 100 recently). Here are some of the amazing activities coming up in the next two months that every redhead needs to know about.

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Irish Redhead Convention 21-23 August


Now in it's 6th year, and also known as #FoxyFest, The Irish Redhead Convention is an amazing gathering held every August in the wee town of Crosshaven just outside of Cork. They have a wide range of events for the whole family, they crown a King and Queen each year, have contests for best ginger beard, most freckles, curliest hair, and many more. They charge a small fee but are non-profit and donate 20% to a cancer charity.

Redhead Days 4-7 September


This is the granddaddy of them all. Taking place in the charming town of Breda, in The Netherlands and now in it's tenth year, The Redhead Days is the world's largest gathering of redheads. This year the festival is dedicated to the Dutch master Vincent Van Gogh and has more events planned then I could ever hope to list here. I've been the last three years, and it's the highlight of my year. This is also a FREE event, put on entirely by volunteers.

Redhead Day UK 12 September


People keep sending me articles in the press about an event planned for Plymouth in 2016 claiming to be the first redhead event in the UK, but that is grossly inaccurate. Redhead Day UK is now in its third year, and after two successful runs in Manchester it will be moving to London. Organized by the people behind Everything For Redheads, Ginger Parrot, and Ginger With Attitude, who have all been attending the Irish and Dutch gathering for years, the lineup includes live music, comedy, a showing of Thomas Knights RED HOT, and the unique MOGO awards (Music of Ginger Origin, awards for the best gingers in music), as well as Elisabeth Ness from Redheads Anonymous (see below) and author Jacky Colliss Harvey. It is also free to attend.

Can't make it to Europe?

If you're in the US and can't make it to Europe on short notice, follow the Redhead Days just the same, they have events pop up in different places, including one in Chicago back in June. There is also The Redhead Event (planned for May 2016) in Portland, The Ginger Pride Walk in Rome, Georgia (now in its fifth year), The League of Extraordinary Redheads in upstate New York, and The Rock It Like A Redhead Tour all over the country.

There is also RossItalia in Milan, Rouxssemblement in Quebec, and Reddish Paradise in Portugal.

So those are the main gatherings on the horizon, but if you're on your way there you might want a little ginger entertainment to help you pass the time.

Redheads Anonymous

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Check out the five-episode first season of this web comedy series from creator Elisabeth Ness. (It's binge-watchable in just half-an-hour!) Elisabeth will be at all three of the European gatherings, maybe sharing a few episodes and talking about her experience.

RED: A History of the Redhead


The captivating, original story of the power and mythology of red hair throughout the ages in history, art, literature, fashion, feminism, and genetics. Author Jacky Colliss Harvey will also be speaking about the book at all three festivals.

Ginger Kid

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From funnyman Steve Hofstetter, this comedy special kicks off with 15 minutes worth of insight into Steve's experience growing up ginger.

About the Author

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Scott Harris is a documentary filmmaker, his film Being Ginger (which was partially filmed at The Redhead Days) was hailed by The New York Times as "sweet, funny, and ultimately rather touching." It tells his own story of learning to love his hair. He has since attended all of the gatherings listed above.

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