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    21 Things People Don't Tell You About Having Transplant Surgery

    "I didn't understand how grateful I could be until someone gave a part of their body to ease suffering in mine." A writer who had a transplant to save his sight gives his perspective.

    1. Being told you need transplant surgery is incredibly humbling.

    2. You'll get overwhelmed by the kindness of strangers.

    3. And you'll be overwhelmed by the kindness of friends and family too.

    4. Transplants aren't just for organs

    5. The waiting is the hardest part.

    6. Which makes being told it's time for your transplant the most emotionally complex moment of your life.

    7. Contrary to what movies may say, you won't take on the personality of your donor. Or have flashbacks to their memories.

    8. In fact, you probably won't obsess about your donor's identity at all.

    9. But you probably will obsess about rejection

    10. Although most people can donate, some can't.

    11. And although most people can receive transplants, some can't.

    12. Transplants are not an instant and complete cure.

    13. Certain transplants mean you can't do certain sports

    14. But having a transplant can open up a whole new world of exercise.

    15. Medically, your race can be a big disadvantage.

    16. You'll always have a reason to carry on

    17. One donor can help up to 50 recipients.

    18. Doctors really do work incredibly hard to save the lives of people on the donor register.

    19. Transplants don't always last forever.

    20. Saying "I've had a transplant!" will make people make you tea.

    21. We are in a donor crisis right now.