Have You Ever Defamed Someone?

Defamation laws in Scotland are woefully out of date. Find out which day-to-day activities could land you in hot water!

  1. Sending a private text message to someone else accusing them of something?

    “Hey, landlord! Where’s my deposit? Has it gone to your villa in Spain?”

    1. Yes, risky business
    2. No, should be safe
  2. Posting a negative review of a hotel/restaurant online?

    “Never eat here. Apparently they have found an ingenious way of saving money on food: just reheat leftovers from other customers!”

    1. Yes, get your chequebook out
    2. No, you have nothing on me
  3. Tweeting a rumour you've heard to your followers?

    “I don’t trust @nikwilliams2. I hear he throws nuclear waste into the Clyde every year for his birthday.”

    1. Yes, skating on thin ice
    2. No, standing on firm ground
  4. Moderating a Facebook group?

    For example, “Foodies of Aberdeenshire”

    1. Yes, flirting with danger
    2. No, you are safe
  5. Blogging about important issues?

    “Why Mr Bean MP is a corrupt front for a shady gangland empire” or “Stop buying Tim’s Jeans their dyes are tested on animals”

    1. Yes, warn your lawyer
    2. No, you’re ok
  6. RTing or sharing a link?

    “RT: You’ll never believe this meeting really happened! bit.ly/postman-pat-tax-scandal”

    1. Yes, danger zone
    2. No, you have nothing to worry about

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