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A Man And A Woman Live Streamed The Same Moments To Show How Differently Women Are Treated Online

The responses they got were definitely not the same.

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We had a man and a woman live stream themselves at the same time, doing the same things, using Periscope. However, the viewer reactions they got were very different!

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First, they both Periscoped themselves when they were hungover in bed.

People were not feeling any sympathy for our male participant.

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Our female participant had more...popular results.

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Next, we had our participants live stream themselves dancing.

Our woman participant started racking up viewers by barely lifting her arms.

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While our dude went in right away and almost immediately started losing viewers.

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Then, we had them do nothing at all.

Our woman participant found "success" in this right away!

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Well, sorta.

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In response to doing nothing, our man participant got...nothing!

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Overall, the man seemed to get apathy, and the woman seemed to get creepers.

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Nothing like a backhanded compliment from a stranger!

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