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World Yo-Yo Champion

2010 World yo-yo champion Jensen Kimmitt just blew my mind.

Scott D. 9 years ago

Miniscule - Awesome Animations

There are lots of these videos floating around... a great series of animations with a focus on bugs trying to solve problems.

Scott D. 10 years ago

Star Wars: Uncut

Ze! Over 470 people have put together home-made 15 second clips of the first *ahem* Star Wars movie and you can put them together to make your own movie, or get creative and add your own 15 seconds of film! Check out for more fun. I love creative collaborations.

Scott D. 10 years ago

Obsessives: Soda Pop

Ok, Ze... one last one for a while... I ran across this video of a sweet man who is not obsessed, but in love with soda. And not the kind of soda we think about, but that really cool kind of sodas we rarely stumble across. This video is not only informative, but it also put a new stopping place for me the next time I am in L.A.

Scott D. 10 years ago


I have NO idea how they did this, but it's amazing. Hope you like it, Ze!

Scott D. 10 years ago