I invented cotton candy and ceilings. My favorite part of a Tootsie Pop is the stick. Birds often fly onto my finger while I sing songs in the morning; I feed them gummy worms out of my own mouth. On Tuesdays I meditate for a full 20 hours. I'...
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  • Possibly The Dumbest Way To Follow Sports

    Anyone can watch a baseball game, or check an app on your phone. But one sports fan makes a video every game day, just to tell you whether his favorite team - The Kansas City Royals - won or lost. No statistics or hardcore baseball talk. Just a “Yes” or a “No” revealed a different way, for 162 games (plus the upcoming playoffs) EVERY. SINGLE. GAME. Here are some of the more interesting ones so far.


    I’m not sure when it was made, but it’s a guy doing a lot of push ups. All I’m sure of is that it “smells like push-ups in here”.

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