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9 BF International Posts Obama Will Be WhatsApping You Later

Guys, it's a big world out there. Here are some of the best posts from around the globe this week. Techniker ist informiert.

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1. From BF Deutschland: Eine Tür geht kaputt und Leute rasten aus (A door breaks and people freak out)

This...this...this is amazing and better left for you to read on your own, it's highly visual and Google Translate will give you all the context you need. One of BF Germany's biggest posts to date. [Ed. note: "A Door Breaks And People Freak Out" is the name of the debut album from my new band, Techniker]

2. From BF Español: 21 Seres humanos que te quitarán las ganas de celebrar San Valentín (21 people that should not be allowed to celebrate Valentine's Day)

This post is the top performing post in Espanol's history (and still going strong). The mix of it being timely, the images having not been used by us before and just the magic of fail posts made it an immediate smash.

3. From BF Oz: Someone Put Snape’s Scenes In Chronological Order And It Will Make You Feel Things

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Brad smashed it out of the park with his megavi 4m view Snape In Chronological Order post. [Ed. note: Snape is apparently a character from an obscure British children's book series called "The Chronicles of Narnia." I've searched Google *and* Bing and I still can't figure out who "Brad" is, though. Please send ideas to]


8. ...and more BF UK: 26 Nando’s Problems We All Know To Be True

Nando's problems: the ultimate in British buzz! Written by one of our newest team members, editorial fellow Remee Patel. [Ed. note: Nando's is an international food chain you may/may not have heard, depending on how provincially American you are. But anyway: They serve a mean peri peri chicken.]

9. From BF France: Affaire Bettencourt : que pourriez-vous faire avec tout cet argent ? (The Bettencourt affair: what could you do with all that money?)

One of the biggest scandals in recent French history has to do with people taking allegedly taking advantage of Liliane Bettencourt, the heiress of L'Oréal, to get money from her. A lot of money. A LOT OF MONEY. So we compared these huge sums with real life things to give an idea of how ridiculously huge they are. For instance, you could live for 31,928 years on the French monthly minimum wage with that much money. Or you could buy 395 castles.