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27 Absolutely Stunning Underground Homes

Your life would be so much better as a cave-dweller.

1. Cave pool, Santorini, Greece

2. Cave dwelling, Sicily

3. Domus Civita, Italy

4. Caves in Nottingham, England

Image via Shutterstock

5. Hillside Home, Vals, Switzerland!content/villa-vals

6. Cave homes, Cappadocia, Turkey

7. House Cave, Sacromonte, Spain

Image via Shutterstock

8. Rock houses, Iceland

9. A hogan in Arizona

Image via Shutterstock

10. Vardezia cave city, Georgia

11. Bad Blumau, Austria

12. The Brochs of Coigach, Scotland

13. Beckham Creek Cave Lodge, Parthenon, Arkansas

14. Sala Silvermine, Sweden

15. Village of Kandovan, Iran

16. Nas montanhas de Fafe, Portugal

Image via Shutterstock

17. Dietikon, Switzerland

18. Aloni house, Antiparos Island, Greece

19. Bolton Eco House, England

20. Malator in Druidstone, Wales

21. Rock house

Image via Shutterstock

22. Matmata village, Tunisia

Image via Shutterstock

23. Cave House, Festus, Missouri

24. House of Spiritual Retreat, Seville, Spain

25. Cave Home, Troo, France

26. OUTrial House, Poland

27. Dune House, Atlantic Beach

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