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Black Friday In 41 Absolutely Horrifying Photos

It's begun! While you were busy sleeping, enterprising Americans everywhere were getting good deals and not overthinking their life choices.

1. Black Friday started late Thursday night...

Carlo Allegri / Reuters

A woman outside a Toys R Us in Times Square.

2. ...just as soon as all these people in Santa hats finished Thanksgiving dinner.

Carlo Allegri / Reuters

Customers lined up outside a Toys R Us store in Times Square.

3. It's an important event...

A DJ at a Macy's.

4. ...a time to get serious...

Jessica Rinaldi / Reuters

Shoppers wearing hats.

5. ...put aside your daily distractions...

Twitter: @PaigeAshley_2

Baby changing at a Walmart.

6. ...and there's no time to get tired.

7. You need to have a plan, friend.

Twitter: @casssandramarie

Coordination is key.

8. Are you headed to a mall...


Twitter: @Hidemir1280

Concord Mills Mall, North Carolina.


Outside the Visalia Mall, California.


Tyler Mall in Riverside, California.


Tyson's Corner, Virginia.


Santa Monica, California.


Twitter: @Bretthoyt






19. ...or a particular store?

In New Jersey.




Twitter: @SuzieFranchise

Outside Victoria's Secret in New York City.


Outside Louis Vuitton.



Twitter: @Kackzarshner

Men's Wearhouse

26. It can be a nerve-racking decision.

Twitter: @10akbrooks

Someone threw up.

27. Once you're inside,

Carlo Allegri / Reuters

Customers rush to buy purses at the Macy's store.

28. need a plan too.

Jessica Rinaldi / Reuters

Shoppers enter a Toys R Us in Manchester, New Hampshire.

29. It's...

Jessica Rinaldi / Reuters

Shoppers enter a Toys R Us in Manchester, New Hampshire.

30. ...going to be...

In San Diego.

31. ...a madhouse.

John Gress / Reuters

Shoppers at a Target store in Chicago.


Jessica Rinaldi / Reuters

A boy inside a Toys R Us in Manchester, New Hampshire.



Jonathan Alcorn / Reuters

A crowd of shoppers in Burbank, California.

35. There's no escaping it.

Rancho Santa Monica, California.

36. But if all goes well...

Carlo Allegri / Reuters

People wait in line at Toys R Us in Times Square.

37. ...eventually you'll be in line to pay...

Jessica Rinaldi / Reuters

Shoppers wait to pay in Salem, New Hampshire.

38. just try to remain calm.

Jessica Rinaldi / Reuters

A cashier reaches into a box of register tape at a Toys R Us in Manchester, New Hampshire.

39. It can be overwhelming out there.

Twitter: @stevie_lynne

EMTs called.

40. Finally: Good planning is all about making a graceful exit...

Eric Thayer / Reuters

People outside a Walmart store in North Bergan, New Jersey.

41. ...and, for once, having the right outfit.

Twitter: @meljmor

Nailed it.