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8 International Posts That Will Make You Feel Better About The World

This week from our international teams: Lesbian sex, coffee snobs, sex position emojis, Cannes, and Thom Yorke sexual positions. Guys, we get it. Everybody calm down.

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1. From the London team: This Is How Lesbians Have Sex

This post finally answers a burning (ha!) question that has mystified society for ages. Per Luke: "Flo is doing more in the way of original illustrations. Her tongue-in-cheek lesbian sex guide was funny, and distinctive, and did 2m views!"

2. From the Mumbai team: 23 Pictures Only Gujjus Will Understand

Nirali's deft exploration of the cultural idiosyncrasies of gujjus -- aka people from the great state of Gujrat, India -- is a tour de force of puns. As she says: "SpongeBob is literally a dhokla." Truer words were never spoken.


3. From the Sydney team: 21 Harsh Truths Every Coffee Snob Needs To Hear

From freelancer Chris Rodley, this post has had a deep impact on the way coffee snobs are comporting themselves in Melbourne and Sydney. LOL JK! Just scroll down to read the comments, which include gems like "Coffee isn’t only the drink it’s also an experience of the atmosphere as well" and a TON of well-actuallying about the difference between flat whites and lattes.

4. From the Sao Paolo team: Itaipava coloca robô para responder público e passa vergonha no Twitter (The beer brand Itaipava set up a Twitter bot to respond to a hashtag campaign, and the result was public humiliation)

I honestly didn't do a great job translating that headline, but you get the point: ill-conceived Twitter ad campaign ends poorly. Many questions here, but for me, the biggest is: What's up with that tattoo? Is she a member of the Illuminati? If so, please tell my family I love them because

7. From the Mexico City team: 20 Pasos para llegar al orgasmo (con Thom Yorke) (20 Steps To Reaching Orgasm, feat. Thom Yorke)

Continuing a theme! Based on Shyamantha's reporting from a few weeks ago, this post from Raquel Miserachi may, at first, seem like parody, but as you read on, it becomes alarmingly clear that Radiohead's entire oeuvre, is, in fact, an elaborate and detailed manual describing a wide range of sexual positions.

8. From the Paris team: Le festival de Cannes sur Instagram vs. dans la vraie vie (The Cannes Film Festival in Instagram vs. Real Life)

Cannes! Just the name alone conjures visions of glamour, star-studded glitz, crowded sidewalks, allergies, half-empty discotheques after midnight and sad, empty, soul-sucking rental apartment refrigerators. Wait, what were we talking about again?


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