17 Easy Ways To Start A Conversation With A Stranger

Talking to new people isn’t hard. Seriously! Anyone can do it if they build up a little courage. So swish some Scope, and let’s start making friends!

So, you're in a social situation, and you DON'T KNOW ANYBODY. What do you do?

2. You're an awesome and interesting person.

3. Yes, you are. Now let's build up some social courage and do this!

Freshen your mouth with some Scope, and let’s go.

4. Okay. Send positive physical cues.

Don’t do this.

6. Try breaking the ice with a nice compliment.

…But not like that.

How about, “Hey, cool looking shoes/haircut/book you’re reading!”

7. If you don't want to go that route, try mistaking the other person for another acquaintance.

Or maybe a famous person.

8. Try and find someone where you can bond over a mutual friend.

“You and Mary are best friends? I went to school with her!”

9. And if there aren't any mutual friends, bring up something that you both have in common.

10. If you're really at a loss for what to say, break the ice by asking for directions somewhere.

Just remember to think of something to say afterward…

11. When you're introducing yourself, try not to mumble!

No one will understand you.

12. AND REMEMBER: Don't be too invasive with your questions!

Nothing too personal, please.

13. Some people just don't want to talk! Don't bother people who look disinterested or uncomfortable.

14. Don't sweat it! Just move on to somebody else who looks friendly.

15. If you must, talk about the weather.

16. But your best bet is bringing up timely topics. Like a funny cat video that's been going around the Internet.

17. Almost everybody loves cat videos.

So good luck, matey! You'll be making friends with strangers in no time.

And remember, you'll always have us!

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