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16 People Who Are Doing Santa Con Right

There's no better time to be socially courageous than at SantaCon! So grab your costume, get fresh with Scope, and jingle all the way, because it's time to party with everyone on the naughty and nice list.

1. Grab your buddies, and let's go!

2. Santa's got a mohawk, and it's minty fresh.

3. Never be afraid to show your true swirls.

4. This guy is totally doing it right.

5. She's so excited for SantaCon, her color flushed away!

6. It's not easy being green... oh, wait. It's totally easy when you're this awesome.

7. This is how to stick out from the crowd.

8. Go out there. Be crazy. Go bananas!

9. Don't be Grinchy, and share a laugh with your friends!

10. Let's do SantaCon right.

11. With awesome costumes...

12. And all of your favorite people.

13. It's an event where everyone can have a great time.

14. Even this guy.

15. Especially her.

16. Happy Holidays everyone!