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12 Of The Bravest Public Pranks

Scope’s bacon-flavored April Fools joke may be over, but the fun never stops. Think you've got enough social courage to make the best public prank? Take a swig of Scope, get your courage on, and check out these stunts for next year's April Fools inspiration. If you didn’t see Scope’s Bacon flavored mouthwash spoof, be sure to check it out at

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2. The "Gallon Smash" Prank

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Nothing gets you more attention than falling a grocery store with milk in your hands. (Make sure you help clean up afterwards.)

4. The "Pretend To Be A Famous King And Sign Autographs" Prank

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The geniuses at Improv Everywhere dressed up a guy who looked like King Philip IV and had him sign autographs at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

6. The "Panhandler Party" Prank

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What if a bunch of panhandlers came onto your subway all at once? It would probably be as hilarious as this.

8. The "Give People Fake Discount Passwords And See What They Do" Prank

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If you say "SPECIAL YUMMY FUN TIME," you will get a special extra in this video.

*No, you won't. Sorry.

10. The "Pretend You're Famous" Prank

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Brett Cohen dressed up as a fake celebrity and got a lot of random strangers to think he was famous. Brilliant.

12. The "Pick Up Girls With Internet Memes" Prank

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Successful troll is successful.

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